Independent Accredited Marine Yacht Surveyor.

We will go the extra mile for you to conduct an independent comprehensive survey tailored for your needs.

If you need an independent survey for insurance renewal or a thoroughly inspection of your yacht because you are planning on selling or buying one, we can help you with our great expertise and experience. We fly all over the Caribbean for many happy returning clients who appreciate our professionalism.

Pre-Purchase Yacht Survey

Pre-Purchase Surveys

When purchasing or selling a yacht it is wise to have a independant accredited surveyor going through the vessel for inspection. This is the most toroughly survey we offer. This can include extensive visual rigging inspection, moisture measurements, hull tapping for delamination or defects.

Insurance / Valuation Surveys

Basic survey for determine the condition of the vessel and valuation for insurance purposes. Most insurance companies require for renewal of your yacht insurance policy a survey report not older than 5 years.

Damage / Repair Surveys

Accidents happen... We are experienced in dealing with extensive damage and repairs. We have helped out many insurance companies to

We are contracted by various large insurance companies to attend incidents to determine origin of the damage, responsibility of parties involved and advise in solutions and repairs.

GRP Moisture Measurement Meter

GRP Moisture Measurement Surveys

We have invested in the best equipment for non-destructive testing of the moisture content in fiberglass yachts. Out test equipment can measure moisture up to 30mm deep. We can advise on osmosis (blisters) problems and repairs and determine if vessels are dry enough to seal with epoxy barrier coatings. If you seal in to much moisture underneath your epoxy barrier coat there will be likely osmosis problems in the future.